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I am tried to download the Power Map Add-in from the Microsoft Download Center.

When I click on the official link Power Map for Excel

I get this message

We're sorry, this download is no longer available.

Where can I found the power map for Excel?

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Power Map for Excel

As per this article, The Power Map add-in is now fully integrated into Excel, You can find it on the Insert tab.

download Power Map for Excel

If you still can't find the Map in insert tab, so you should check a version of Office that comes with Power Map as mentioned at "I don't see the Power Map button in Excel"

BTW, you got this error because the above download link was a download link for a preview add-in which is unsupported and it is no longer available.

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in the official microsoft site, its mentioned that Excel 2013 supports powermaps
and there is an option to add power map but you need first to download it.
unfortunately its not there anymore
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