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I have a workbook, in Sheet 1 all actions, 

In Sheets 2 I go and store the results, 

I use some  Macros, this was the argument in the VBA code

With Sheets("Sheet2")

Now  I copied Sheets too in Google drive and shred the file  and would like to replace Sheet 2 with the file saved in the cloud (google drive)

Any suggestions to run VBA Macros on google drive?

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Can I run Macros in Excel that hosted on Google Drive?

Unfortunately, Google Drive can't read the macros created in Excel.

Can I run Macros in Excel that hosted on Onedrive?

Unfortunately, You can't execute Macros in Excel that hosted on Onedrive.

Can I run Macros in Excel Online?

Unfortunately, You can't run or change Macros in Excel Online.

You cannot create or run macros with VBA in Excel for the office for the web, but you can open and edit VBA-enabled spreadsheets without removing (or corrupting) the VBA contained in the file. read more at Office for the web service description

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