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In excel 2016 desktop application, I created a new table and I can easily change the default table name as I prefer

In Excel Online, I can't find any way to change the table name in excel for the web!

Is it possible to change the table name in Excel online? any workaround, please?

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Change table name in Excel Online

Unfortunately, In Excel Online, The "properties" section that holds the "Change Table Name" option is NOT available in Table Tools.

Excel online missing table name in table tools

Therefore, It's not possible to change the table name in Excel Online.

Workaround to change table name Excel Online

As a workaround, you should do the following:

  • Open the Excel file in Excel Desktop Application by clicking on "Open in Desktop App".

    workaround to change table name excel online

  • Select your table.
  • Go to "Table Tools", "Design", you should find the "Properties" Section.
  • At Table name, specify your preferred table name.

    change table name excel online

  • Save your file to reflect your changes back to the Excel Online file.
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