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I need to show data in Power BI as a Vertical Timeline to show historical data per year, Is there any Power BI viusal that present the data in a vertical timeline as below.

vertical timeline power bi

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Virtical Timeline Visual in Power BI

As you know, there is no timeline visual in Visualization Pane on the Power BI desktop, However, you can find many custom visuals that may meet your needs in App Source.


One of the visuals that may match your requirements is Timeline by Queryon which helps you to show your data based on a date in a timeline fashion.

Power BI Timeline visual

Unfortunately, the Timeline by Queryon only supports the Horizintal timeline, and as per my humble knowledge, there is no other custom visual that shows your timeline vertically.

Learn more about the features and limitations of Timeline by Queryon, and how to use it at Using Power BI Timeline Visual

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Thank you so much, the answer is very helpful and the link has good demonstrated sample
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