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How can I add a dynamic hyperlink in Power Automat Email Body to link to an Item with ID, I have tried to add a hyperlink using <a> tag but it's not working and the link tag is shown as a text

add link in Power Automate email message

Can you help me to know How can I create a hyperling in Email message body in Power Automate?

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Create a dynamic Hyperlink in Power Automate Email Body

As per your image, it looks like you are using the default Email Body, and to add a dynamic hyperlink with variable, you have to use the "Code View".

Switch to code view in Power Automate


To create a dynamic "Link To Item" in Power Automate in the Outlook Email message body, you have to do the following:

  1. Add a "Send an Email V2" action
    send an email in Power Automate with a custom hyperlink
  2. Click on Code view.
    Switch to code view in Power Automate
  3. Add the <a href='yourlink'>Ite Details</a> HTML tag as below
    link to item in Power Automate

    Note: Don't forget to add the link in a Single Quotation 'yourlink'

  4. Save and Test your flow, you will note that the hyperlink is now clickable and link to your item.
    add a dynamic link in Power Automate Outlook Email Message Body

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Clear answer, thank you so much for your usual help!
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