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When I created a new team, I got three options to select Team type such as Public, Private, Org-Wide team, but I don't know what's exactly the benfites of org-wide team and what's the limitation of org-wide team in Microsoft Teams?

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What's Org-Wide Team in Microsoft Teams?

  • Org-wide teams provide an automatic way for everyone in a small to a medium-sized organization to be a part of a single team for collaboration or announcements.
  • With org-wide teams, you can easily create a public team that pulls in every user in the organization and keeps the membership up to date with Active Directory as users join and leave the organization.

Org-Wide Team in Microsoft Teams

Note: Only global admins can create org-wide teams

Who will be added to the Org-Wide Team in Microsoft Teams?

  • When an org-wide team is created, all global admins and Teams service administrators are added as team owners, and all active users are added as team members.
  • Unlicensed users are also added to the team. The first time an unlicensed user signs in to Teams, the user is assigned a Microsoft Teams Exploratory license.

Who will not be added to the Org-Wide Team in Microsoft Teams?

These types of accounts won't be added to your org-wide team:

  • Accounts that are blocked from sign-in
  • Guests
  • Resource or service accounts (for example, accounts associated with auto attendants and call queues)
  • Room or equipment accounts
  • Accounts backed by a shared mailbox

Limitations of Org-Wide Team in Microsoft Teams

When creating an org-wide team, consider the following things:

  • You can create up to five org-wide teams for your Microsoft 365 tenant.
  • Each org-wide team can include up to 10,000 members.

If you don't see the Org-wide option when creating a team and you are a global admin, the feature may not have yet rolled out to your tenant, you have reached the five org-wide teams limit, or your organization might have more than the current size limit of 10,000 members. This limit might be increased in the future.

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