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In SharePoint Designer 2013, I created a new SharePoint Workflow.

I tried to add an app step, but the app step is grayed out 

sharepoint workflow app step disabled

Could you help me how to enable app step in SharePoint Designer workflow?

Thanks for your help

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App Step disabled in SharePoint Designer Workflow

Actually, the App step disabled in SharePoint Designer 2013 in case, you didn't configure the required SharePoint Workflow Permissions.

To configure SharePoint Workflow Permissions:

  • Allow workflow to use app permissions
  • Grant full control permission to SharePoint workflow
  • Develop workflow actions inside an App Step

Once you configure the SharePoint Workflow Permissions properly, you will get the App Step enabled as shown below:

Enable App Step in SharePoint Designer Workflow

Check the detail steps at SharePoint Workflow Suspended with Unauthorized 401

Note: Make sure that

  • The Workflow Manager is configured properly to be able to activate “Workflows can use app permissions” feature.
  • The App Management Application Service is configured and started to be able to grant full control permission to the SharePoint workflow.

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Great! Mohamed thanks for your help!
If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO!