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In my HTML <A> tag, I am trying to use Mailto to open outlook and redirect to mail address insted of web page URL as below:

<a href="mailto:email@example.com">Send Email</a>

When click on the link with Mailto, I have noticed that the outlook desktop client is not opend, can you help me to know Why Mailto doesn't open Outlook and how to redirect to email address instead of web page url using HTML to open outlook desktop client on click!

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Solving: Mailto doesn't open Outlook

When you click on MailTo HTML, it's expected to open the default email service like Yahoo or Gmail, but if you would like to open Outlook desktop, once you click on the MailTo Anchor in HTML, you have to set the Outlook as the default app in your PC settings.

Allow MailTO open in Outlook by default

To allow MailTo open the Outlook client desktop by default, you have to set the Outlook as the default Email App by doing the following:

  1. From the Windows Start Menu, Search for the "Settings".
  2. Click on "Settings" to open your PC settings.
    Change default App in Windows Settings
  3. In "Settings", Search for "Default Apps".
    Set Default Apps in Windows 11
  4. Click on "Email" to set the Outlook as the default app.
    Email Default App in Windows 11
  5. From the shown list, click on the Outlook.
    set Outlook as the default app for email
  6. Once you select the Outlook it becomes the default Email app as shown below.
    allow MailTO open in outlook by default
  7. Try now to Click on MailTo HTML Anchor, that should open the Outlook client desktop by default.

See Also: Add Subject to MailTo HTML

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Worked like charm
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