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In my SharePoint farm, I'm trying to take a backup of the WSP file, before Updating or Deleting the WSP (SPSolution).
I was trying to get the backup from Central Adminstratre but I didn't find anything. Is there a quick, safe way to backup the WSP file?

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How to Backup SharePoint WSP Solution file using PowerShell

To export or take a backup for a SharePoint WSP solution package, you can use the below PowerShell script that helps you to download a specific WSP solution in SharePoint 2019/2016/2013.

$SPfarm = Get-SPFarm    # Get SPFarm object
$WSPfile = $SPfarm.Solutions.Item("WSPSolutionName.wsp").SolutionFile  

Backup all WSP SharePoint Solutions using PowerShell

If you want to download and back up all deployed WSP solutions in SharePoint Server, you have to use this WSP SharePoint Extractor PowerShell Script that would help you extract and back up all WSP SharePoint Solutions on your farm with versioning and logging capabilities.

Backup all WSP SharePoint Solutions using PowerShell

Seel Also WSP Deployer: Deploy WSP SharePoint 2019 Solutions using PowerShell

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