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I am working on PowerApps to build a business app, now I decided to make a major change in this PowerApps app but I need first to take a copy and backup PowerApps app before applying the new changes! What's the best way to take a backup for PowerApps App?

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How to save your Power Apps App to your Computer?

You can easily take a backup from Power Apps App or Save a copy to your computer by downloading the .msapp file.


  1. Open the App you want to generate the .msapp file.
  2. From the File menu, click Save As and choose to save your app locally to your computer.
    Backup PowerApps App

  3. Click the download button to download the file locally to your computer.
    Download Power App

Now you have the Power Apps file that contains the definition of your app, and you can share it with others to import it and use in their environment.

See also How to upload and use .msapp files in PowerApps?

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Great answer, and thanks for mention my blog post as a ref :)
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