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I need to create a survey using Microsoft Forms Pro to get all features that are not available in Microsoft Forms, and I have found out that Microsoft Forms Pro has been rebranded as Microsoft Dynamic Customer Voice, therefore, I need to know briefly What're the licenses required to use Microsoft Dynamic Customer Voice?

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What's Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is an enterprise feedback management application you can use to easily keep track of the customer metrics that matter the most to your business.

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is built on top of Microsoft Forms.
  • It provides an easy and friction-free experience, from creating surveys to generating actionable insights based on customer feedback with minimal setup time.
  • It helps you to keep a pulse on what customers value and how they view your products and services, so you can rest assured that your data is supported by Microsoft security and compliance policies.
  • It introduces project management capabilities.

Read more at Overview of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

What's the license required to use Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is included with select Dynamics 365 enterprise products such as

  • Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise.

Note: If you have other Dynamics 365 products or don't have a Dynamics 365 subscription, you may purchase Dynamics 365 Customer Voice separately!
Check Purchase Dynamics 365 Customer Voice & Dynamics 365 Customer Voice pricing
Dynamics 365 Customer Voice pricing

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