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I have a Modern Team Site in SharePoint Online, and I have noticed that the default navigation menu is vertically by default but I need to show the navigation menu bar horizontally instead of vertically, How can I do that?

show navigation bar horizontally in SharePoint Online

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How to Change the SharePoint Online Navigation Orientation?

You can easily change the SharePoint Online Navigation menu to be shown vertically or horizontally from the Look and Feel settings as below:


  1. Open your SharePoint Online Site.
  2. Click on the Setting gear icon, then click on Change The Look option.
    Change the look of sharePoint online
  3. Click on Navigation.
    Chnage sharepoint online navigation
  4. In the navigation setting, you can do the following:
    • Show or Hide the SharePoint Navigation Menu.
    • Show SharePoint Navigation Menu Virtically.
    • Show SharePoint Navigation Menu Horizontally with Mega or cascading style.
      show sharepoint online mega menu
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