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I have a monthly installment table that holds what the customer pays for each month, and I need to show the expected date of the next month the user should pay the installment.

CustomerID Payment Date
1 01/01/2023
2 05/03/2023

How I can show the expected next month date and next month in Power BI?

Customer ID Payment Date Next Month Next Month Date
1 01/01/2023 02 01/02/2023
2 05/03/2023 04 05/03/2023

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Next Month DAX in Power BI

In Power BI, you can create a new column that holds the Month DAX function to get the next month as the following

1) Get Next Month from Today in DAX

NextMonth =  MONTH(TODAY())+1

2) Get Next Month from based on another Date column in DAX

NextMonth =  MONTH([DateColumn])+1

Next Month Date DAX in Power BI

Regarding the Next Month's date column, you can easily use the DateAdd DAX function to add a month to the current date as below:

DATEADD(Table[Date Column],1,Month)

See Also, How to use DAX DATEDIFF in Power BI

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