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What's the best way to show the total number of employees per branch per month and year in Power BI? I think I need to use the sum function with a group by with a date filter but I don't how can I use Group BY in DAX Power BI.

Current Table is

Employee Name Branch Name Join Date
Mario France 01/01/2022
Lario USA 01/01/2023
Lisa France 01/03/2023

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How to use Group BY in Power BI?

In Power BI, you can perform Group BY using Power Query without using DAX function as the following:

  1. Open Power BI Desktop, from the Home tab, and click on Transform Data.
    Transform Data in Power BI
  2. In Power Query, Select the table that you need to perform Group BY from Queries section on the left side.
  3. From the above ribbon, Click on Group By in the Transform section.
  4. In the Group By Dialog, Click on Advanced to perform Group By on Multiple Columns.
  5. Specify the columns, and the aggregation function, then click on Ok to get te result.
    Group by in Power BI

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Awesome Mohamed, thanks for your help!
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