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In Power BI, how do I split a row by a delimiter to extract specific values or create new rows based on the delimited data?

Example: Let's say I have a column named "Country" with multiple values like "USA, UAE"  separated by a comma. How can I split this column into two separate rows using a comma as the delimiter in Power BI?

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Split column into rows in Power BI

To split a column into multiple rows in Power BI, you have to do the following:


  1. Open Power BI Desktop, from the Home tab, and click on Transform Data.
    Transform Data in Power BI
  2. In Power Query, select your query,
    split column to row by delimiter in power bi
  3. Then click on "Split Column"> then select "By Delimiter" as stated below.
    split column by delimiter
  4. Select your delimiter, or use a Custom to specify your delimiter as per your need.
  5. Click on "Advanced Options", then check "Rows"
    split row by delimiter
  6. Click OK, to get your column split into rows as shown below.
    split row by delimiter in power bi

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