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How to create a column to get the average of rows values in Power BI, I have a table and I need to create a new column to show the average of selected columns to sumarize its values as a new column the average of each cell, How can I do that in Power BI.

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How to create an Average column based on other selected columns in Power BI?

To create an average column based on selected columns in Power BI, you can follow these steps:


  1. In Power BI Desktop, Click on "Transform Data" to open "Query Editor".
    Transform Data in Power BI
  2. On the "Queries" left side, click on the table that you would like to add the new Average column.
  3. Click on the "Add Column" tab
    Add Column in Power BI Power Query
  4. Then select the columns that you would like to calculate its average as a new column.
    Get the average of selected columns in Power BI
  5. From the above ribbon, click on "Statistics".
    Create Avergare column in Power BI
  6. Select the "Average" option.
    How to create an average column for other columns in Power BI
  7. Great, the new average column has been created based on the selected columns as stated below.
    avergare column in power BI based on other columns

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Thanks a lot Mohamed for this detailed answer
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