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We're having a problem with the Service Bus Message Broker Stuck on Starting on a Sharepoint 2019 onprem installation, followed a lot of possible solutions but still none resolved the issue.
We have a server with SP 2019, one for SQL e another for Workflow Manager, in this last the service bus message broker keeps getting on starting and doesn't give any help.

We followed: https://spgeeks.devoworx.com/service-bus-message-broker-stuck-on-starting/#5-install-service-bus-update-for-net-framework-46

the Windows Server is 2019 so we had to make the changes nedded to activate TLS, etc.

Any ideas of what else can be done?

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May be the issue related to the SharePoint Workflow Manager Port Range is blocked, check this https://spgeeks.devoworx.com/workflow-manager-port-is-blocked/

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