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In Microsoft Teams when clicking on the calendar to show my meetings schedule, I got this error Couldn’t load your calendar. Let’s give it another try, I click on Try again multiple times but still got the same message. How can I display my calendar in Microsoft Teams without getting this error message "Couldn’t load your calendar. Let’s give it another try"

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Solving "Couldn’t load your calendar. Let’s give it another try" in Microsoft Teams

Most of the common issue in Microsoft Teams Desktop is usually related to Caching, so that to solve this error "Couldn’t load your calendar. Let’s give it another try" in Microsoft Teams, you have to clear the Microsoft Teams cache by doing the following:


  1. Sign out from Microsoft Teams Desktop App.
    sign out Microsoft Teams
  2. Quit Microsoft Teams Desktop App.
    quit Microsoft Teams
  3. Open Windows Run by clicking on Windows button + R on your keyboard.
  4. Copy and paste this path %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams to the Run dialog > then click Ok.
    clear cache for Microsoft Teams
  5. Click CTRL+A and Select All files in the Teams Folder.
  6. Right-click and select delete to delete all cache files for Microsoft Teams Desktop App on your PC.
    delete the full cache for Microsoft Teams
  7. Wait a moment until the cache files are completely deleted.
    how to Clear Microsoft Teams Cache
  8. Go back to open Microsoft Teams Desktop App.
    Clear Microsoft Teams Cache
  9. Sign in and provide your email and password.
    sign in to Microsoft Teams
  10. Click on Calander which should be displayed properly.

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