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In Power BI cloud service, I have publishid a Power BI reportand I need to edit it in Power BI Desktop Directly. but when I clicked on the edit button as below, It opens in the edit mode in browser but I can't do any kind of transofmration task in Power Query!

Edit Power BI Report in Power BI Desktop Directly

So I decided to open the Power BI report in Power BI Desktop but I can't find any option for "Edit in Power BI Desktop". How can I edit a Power BI report in Power BI Service using Power BI Desktop directly?

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How to edit Power BI in Power BI Desktop?

Unfortunately, there is no option to Edit Power BI Report already published in Power Bi Desktop Directly. Instead you have to do the following:

  1. In Power BI Service, Click on "My Workspace" > Click on "Content" to show only report files.
  2. Click on your report to open it.
  3. From "File", Click on "Download a file" to export the pbix file.
    Download power bi report file
  4. Then open the download file in Power BI Desktop.

You can download the latest version for Power Bi Desktop for Power BI Service, if you don't have the latest version.

How to publish a Power BI dashboard file to Power BI Service?

Once you finalize the editing for your Power BI report file, you can publish it directly to your workspace in Power BI Service by doing the following:

  1. In Power BI Desktop, Sign in with your Power BI Service Account.
    sign to Power BI report service in Power Bi desktop
  2. Open your PBIX file, and perform the updated needed, then save your changes.
  3. Now, Click on File > Publish > Publish to Power BI.
    Publish report to power bi service cloud
  4. Select which location you need to publish your report to the Power BI Service.
    Publish power bi dashborad to cloud
  5. Overwrite the current version with the new one, or cancel specify a new name for the updated report.
    replace your power bi report with the new updated
  6. Great the Power BI report has been published successfully to Power BI Service on cloud.
    edit power bi report in power bi desktop in power bi cloud

See also, Install and Configure Power BI Report Server Step by Step

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