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I have created a new PBIX file using Power BI desktop, I have adjusted all settings and then saved the file locally, but when trying to publish this file to Power BI, I noticed that the Publish button is grayed out, and the Publish to Power BI is disabled as shown below:

Can't Publish to Power BI Disabled

Why is the "Publish to Power BI" disabled and How can I publish this file to the Power BI workspace on the Power BI cloud service?

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Why Publish to Power BI is Disabled in Power BI Desktop?

The "Publish to Power BI" button may be grayed out for the following reasons:

  1. If the current PBIX file doesn't have any data source,
    • In this case, the Publish to Power BI button will be disabled, you have first to add at least one table to can publish your report to Power BI Service.

      In case, you don't have any data source yet, you can create a dummy table using Enter Data as stated below

  2. If you opened your report directly from Power BI Report Server in Power BI Desktop,
    • In this case, the Publish to Power BI button will be grayed out, and you will need to save a copy locally, then try to publish your report.
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