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I'd like to create new projects from the Project Center using the New Project button, but all projects are being created under the primary root and I cannot create subsites. I saw in a video that I should be able to see Site Creation and Site Creation Location if I created new EPTs, but I don't have that option. The site is set to use PWA permissions; however, I can still see Settings on the Connected SharePoint Sites page. My goal is to be able to create multiple EPTs, so that I will have multiple subsites. Then I should be able to add new projects quickly under any of those subsites.

Current EPT view after clicking the New Enterprise Project Type. Site Creation and Site Creation Location should come after Order. 

This is the desired look.


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Hello, Could you please clarify What do you mean with not visible, could you please share a screenshot with the current behavior that you are facing to can help you faster! In case, you are talking about the new project site is created under the main site collection, not under the PWA site collection, so please check this https://spgeeks.devoworx.com/project-sites-is-not-created-below-project-web-app-instance-in-project-server-2013/
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Added screenshots to original question. I shared the link you referenced, but our IT guy said that would not resolve our issue. He said it was for determining the default location not establishing multiple ones. I want to be able to create a new project and determine where it will end up by selecting the right EPT under New on the Projects  tab in the Project Center.

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Missing Site Creation in New Enterprise Project Type in Project Server 2016

Actually, this is normal behavior, the Site Creation and site creation location option are not available when you create a new Enterprise Project types in Project Server 2016 as well as Project Server 2013. It's only available in Project Online.

BTW, The second image that you have shared is for Project Online instance, not a Project Server instance.
Check how to create an Enterprise Project Types in Project Online and Project Server 2016

Adjust Site Creation Settings in Project Server 2016

The Site Creation Settings in Project Server 2016 is available in PWA Settings > Connected SharePoint Sites.

Missing Site Creation Settings in Project Server 2016

For more details about how to adjust Site Creation Settings in Project Server 2016, please check Missing Site Creation Settings in Project Server 2016

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