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SharePoint Spaces Beginner Series | Mixed Reality in SharePoint

Today, the world is evolving with technology. So, we have heard the word "Mixed Reality" often. So, How can we use the Mixed Reality with the SharePoint?
The answer is - We can use the Mixed Reality with "SharePoint Spaces".

I welcome you all to my new segment of Mixed Reality which is SharePoint Spaces. This is the learning path of SharePoint Space where I have explained everything in a detailed manner to get started with the Spaces. So, Explore Mixed Reality with SharePoint Spaces

Welcome to SharePoint Spaces, Step by step series. The complete series and complete guidance who wish to start with SharePoint Spaces.

The series focuses on all the basic information with the detailing. The complete series is divided into 12 different parts. Gradually, the sessions will be added to the SharePoint Spaces series.
SharePoint Spaces allow non-developers to develop Mixed Reality concepts with simple drag and drop. SharePoint Spaces is the future of the next decade and as a developer and non-developer, we can configure a learn this concept very easily.

The entire series is a step-by-step series. You can get away something new form each of the videos. The overall length is 2 Hours. Stay connected with us throughout the sessions.

The session covers how we can set up the SharePoint Space environment, how we can add different 360° web parts to make our SharePoint Spaces more realistic.
So, Stay Connected with me for this SharePoint Spaces Learning series.

SharePoint Spaces Video Series

Icons made by https://www.flaticon.comThis series covers the following sessions:

  1. Part 1: Get Started with SharePoint Spaces – Overview and Setting Up the Environment with SharePoint Space
  2. Part 2: Add a 360° image web part to a SharePoint Space
  3. Part 3: Add a 3D Object web part to a SharePoint Space
  4. Part 4: Add a 360° Video web part to a SharePoint Space
  5. Part 5: Add Document Library web part to a SharePoint Space
  6. Part 6: Add File Viewer web part to a SharePoint Space
  7. Part 7: Add Organizational Chart Using People web part to a SharePoint Space
  8. Part 8: Add the Image web part to a SharePoint Space
  9. Part 9: Add Video web part to a SharePoint Space
  10. Part 10: Add the Text web part to a SharePoint Space
  11. Part 11: Add 360° Virtual Tour to a SharePoint Space

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Thanks for sharing this great series

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