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Welcome to Power Apps Mixed Reality Step by Step Series. Here, you can learn about the capabilities of Mixed Reality within the Power Apps.

This is the Power Apps advanced tutorial series, we will leverage the capability of MR and build our first Mixed Reality App using Power Apps. Here, we will develop our first No-Code Mixed Reality application using the Mixed Reality in Power Apps. 

Build your first No Code Mixed Reality App In Power Apps - Step by Step

During part one of the series, we will learn, What is Mixed Reality, and how we can leverage the capabilities of MR in Power Apps. We will check about the device compatibility as well as different available components in Power Apps Mixed Reality!

During the second part, we will use 3D objects and show the objects with the “View in 3D” component in Power Apps. With this, we will also check different methodologies to upload 3D Images to CORS Compliant data sources. 

During the third part of the series, we will use the 3D Component and display or show them to Power Apps Mixed Reality. Here, we can experience, how 3D objects will look into a Mixed Reality environment. 

During the fourth part of the series, we will learn how we can measure Area, Volume, and Distance using Power Apps Mixed Reality. I explained the development process step by step. So, anyone can understand and learn the concept very easily.

During the fifth part of the series, we will talk about the "View Shape in MR" component in detail. View Shape in MR Component will create a specific size of the cube in Mixed Reality and using this, we will know how the specific object will fit into the specific space. 

Stay tuned with me throughout the journey.

Check the Entire Playlist here:

Part 1: What is Mixed Reality in Power Apps?
Part 2: View in 3D Component
Part 3: View in MR -Calculate Distance, Area, and Volume with Power Apps Mixed Reality
Part 4: Measure in MR
Part 5: View Shape in MR

Download the Practice Lab and Code:

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