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I am using Power BI Report Server, and I want to show Report size to Page Width by default in Power BI paginated report.

Ex: when I open the report, it open by default to 100%. but I need by default to open Power BI report in Full Width Page size.

Power BI fit to Page Width by default


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How to show Report Page in fullWidth by default in Power BI Paginated Report?

In Power BI Report Server, to show the paginated report as FULL Page WIDTH by default, you can use the Report Control Parameter rc:Zoom=Page Width

Note: the Report Control Parameter rc:Zoom=Page Width can be used with Power BI Report Server Paginated Report as well as SSRS 2016.

1) Show Power BI report in full width in Power BI Web Portal (Report Manager)

  1. Open the Power BI web porta1.
  2. Click on the report that you would like to show in full width by default.
  3. Add these parameters ?rs:embed=true&rc:Zoom=Page%20Width at the end of report URL.



Power BI Set Report Page Width by default

2) Show Power BI report in full width using Report Viewer

  1. In report viewer, you just need to add &rc:Zoom=Page Width at the end of your URL report


How to set Report Page Width in Power BI Paginated Report by default

Note: to get the Report Viewer URL, please check Hide toolbar SSRS 2016

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