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I have an XML column that holds XML property and attribute values and I want to know how can I select XML node value in SQL Server?

XML Query Example

select xml from XML

XML Query Result

sql select xml node value

XML Query Structure

  <property name="id" value="1" />
  <property name="ProjectName" value="P1" />
  <property name="Status" value="1" />

In the above XML Query Example, I need to select the xml attribute value fo the third node to show the status property with the below conditions

  • If XML node = 1 , show "In Progress"
  • f XML node = 2 , show "Late"
  • If XML node = 3 , show "Closed"

What's the best way to select XML node value attribute in SQL Server and get the below result

Project Name Status
P1 In Progress
P2 Late
P3 Closed


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How to Select XML Node Value in SQL Server?

To select values from XML field in SQL server, you should first understand the XML Query syntax as the following:

XML Query Syntax

Select CAST(XML Field Name as XML).value('(/Parent node Name/Chield Node Name/@ Attribute Name)[Chield Index]','Field Data Type') from table

XML Query Example

Let's match the above syntax with your XML Query

  • XML Field Name: XML
  • Parent node Name: projects
  • Chield Node Name: property
  • Attribute Name: value
  • Chield Index: chield index starts from 1, so in your case, for the second node it will be 2, and the third node will be 3.
  • Field Data Type: depends on the data types of the field value

So based on your XML Query Structure

   <property name="id" value="1" />
   <property name="ProjectName" value="P1" />
   <property name="Status" value="1" />

The XML query should be as the following

select CAST(XML as XML).value('(/projects/property/@value)[2]','varchar(500)') 'Project Name' from XML

To show the status node based on condition, you should use the CASE When statement

So, the final query should be

select CAST(XML as XML).value('(/projects/property/@value)[2]','varchar(500)') 'Project Name',
    when CAST(XML as XML).value('(/projects/property/@value)[3]','int')=1 Then 'In Progress'
    when CAST(xml as XML).value('(/projects/property/@value)[3]','int')=2 Then 'Late'
    when CAST(xml as XML).value('(/projects/property/@value)[3]','int')=3 Then 'Closed'
end as 'Project Status'
from XML


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