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Get hands-on guidance to using Azure networking services in this free Azure Networking Cookbook from Packt.

This e-book will help you to configure, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your network more effectively with networking solutions from Azure.

Azure Networking Cookbook

The e-book features step-by-step information on how to:

  • Create and work on hybrid connections.
  • Configure and manage Azure network services.
  • Design high availability network solutions.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot network resources.
  • Connect local networks to virtual networks. 

Manage your network more effectively with the Azure Networking

Book Info 

  • Book Name: Azure Networking: Manage your network more effectively.
  • Category: Azure.
  • Published Date: 09/26/2019.
  • Payment: Free.
  • Introduced by: Microsoft.
  • # Pages: 221 pages.
  • Author: Mustafa Toroman.
  • e-book URL: Azure Networking: Manage your network more effectively


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