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Learn Azure

More than 100 Azure services offer everything you need to build and run your applications with all the performance, redundancy, security, and scale that the cloud has to offer. but knowing where to begin with all these services can seem overwhelming.  

So, the "Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches" book would help you to build your cloud computing skills quickly and efficiently. You’ll be productive immediately, and when you finish, you’ll be well on your way to Azure mastery. 

Learn Azure In a Month Of Lunches Contents (21 Chapters - 373 Pages)


This e-book breaks down into four main parts that cover the most important Azure concepts into bite-sized lessons with exercises and labs.

  1. Azure Core Services.
  2. High Availability and Scale.
  3. Secure by default.
  4. The cool stuff.

Azure core services

To build the next great application, you need a solid understanding of the basic resources in Azure.
Things like storage and networking may not be the coolest things to look at, but they’re central to much that you run in Azure.

Before you can start to get into redundant, multi-instance virtual machines or Azure web apps, it helps to see the available options and management tasks for a single instance.

This approach lets you learn about the differences and similarities between the IaaS approach of VMs and the PaaS approach of web apps. In chapters 1–5, we’ll explore VMs and web apps, and core storage and virtual net-working features.

High availability and scale

Okay, let’s start to have some fun! Now that you understand the core resources in Azure, we can dive into areas like redundancy, load balancing, and geographically distributing applications.

This is where things get exciting, and the topics you learn about hopefully start to show solutions and best practices that you can use in real-world deployments.
There are some awesome features inAzure to replicate data globally, distribute customer traffic to the closest instance of your application, and automatically scale based on demand.
These features are the power of cloud computing and where you bring true value to your work.

Secure by default

In an online world where applications are typically connected to the internet24/7, the threat of a digital attack is all too real. These attacks cost time, money, and customer trust. A central part of building highly redundant and distributed applications includes how to secure them and protect your data.
Azure has several built-in features to secure your data, including encryption, monitoring, digital key vault, and backups. In this part of the book, you learn how to secure and protect your applications right from the start.

The cool stuff

Now, the really cool stuff! In these final few chapters, let’s learn about some of the upcoming technologies you can use in Azure, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, containers and Kubernetes, and the Internet of things.

These services may not be areas you or your company are using right now, but with the current trends in computing, they probably will be soon.
Forme, these are some of the most exciting technologies to work with; although we move pretty quickly to cover these topics in your lunch break, it’s a great way to wrap things up and show you the possibilities of what you can build in Azure.

Book Summary


  • Icons made by https://www.flaticon.comBook Name: Learn Azure In a Month Of Lunches.
  • Category: Azure.
  • Level: Beginner.
  • Published Date: 08/21/2019.
  • Publisher: Manning Publisher - Microsoft.
  • # Pages: 373 pages.
  • Authors: Lain Fouldas.
  • Our rate: 8.
  • Payment: Free.
  • The Book URL: Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches.

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