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 Modernize existing .NET applications with Azure cloud and Windows Containers

  • Modernize existing .NET applications with AzureThis guide was written to help you understand your options for improving and modernizing existing .NET web applications.
  • This guide focuses primarily on the initial modernization of existing Microsoft .NET Framework web or service-oriented applications, meaning the action of moving a workload to a newer or more modern environment without significantly altering the application's code and basic architecture.
  • This guide also highlights the benefits of moving your apps to the cloud and partially modernizing apps by using a specific set of new technologies and approaches, like Windows Containers and related compute-platforms in Azure supporting Windows Containers.
  • This guide helps you to answer the below questions:
    • Which apps require a transformation or rearchitecting.
    • Which apps need to be only partially modernized.
    • Which apps you can "lift and shift" directly to the cloud.

Who should use this guide

  • This guide was written for developers and solution architects who want to modernize existing ASP.NET web applications or WCF services that are based on the .NET Framework, for improved agility in shipping and releasing applications.
  • You also might find this guide useful if you are a technical decision-maker, such as an enterprise architect or a development lead/director who just wants an overview of the benefits that you can get by using Windows Containers, and by deploying to the cloud when using Microsoft Azure.

Guide Summary 

  • Category: Azure, Cloud, .NET, Containers.
  • Level: Beginner.
  • Publisher: Microsoft.
  • Author: Cesar de la Torre, Sr. PM, .NET Product Team, Microsoft Corp.
  • Participants and reviewers: Scott Hunter, Partner Director PM, .NET team, Microsoft Paul Yuknewicz, Principal PM Manager, Visual Studio Tools team, Microsoft Lisa Guthrie, Sr. PM, Visual Studio Tools team, Microsoft Ankit Asthana, Principal PM Manager, .NET team, Microsoft Unai Zorrilla, Developer Lead, Plain Concepts Javier Valero, Chief Operating Officer at Grupo Solution.
  • #Pages: 71.
  • Rate: 7.5
  • Payment: Free.
  • Reference: Modernize existing .NET applications with Azure

Guide URL: Modernize existing .NET applications with Azure cloud and Windows Containers

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