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I am using SharePoint Online and asked to enable Power Apps to use it to create apps and to customize the SharePoint list forms.

How can I perform this task? and Is It easy to create a user-friendly SharePoint view using Power Apps?

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How to use PowerApps in SharePoint Online?

One of the main benefits of PowerApps is to use it for creating apps from SharePoint online lists by doing the following:

  1. Open your SharePoint Online List,
  2. In the toolbar, select Integrate > PoweApps
  3. Finally select, Create an App to create a new app based on SharePoint List using PowerApps.

PowerApps in SharePoint Online

You can also Customize a SharePoint forms by selecting Customize Forms, for more details, check Customize SharePoint Forms using PowerAPPs

You can also check these videos to learn How to use PowerApps in SharePoint Online Lists.

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