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I am trying to show a placeholder in ASP.NET textbox control to show a hint for the user that added sccuddfully as answerd at How to add placeholder in ASP.NET Textbox. but now I need to know How can I show dynamic hint placeholder from Resources.resx file based on the current site language?

belwo I need to show the placeholder hint text in another language based on my resourcefile.resx, How to do that?

Dynamic placeholder from resources file in ASP.NET

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Showing Dynamic Placeholder from Resource file in APS.NET

You can show the placholder attribute value from a resource file using <%$Resources:ResourceFile,Title%> as below:

<asp:TextBox CssClass="form-control" ID="txt_name" placeholder="<%$Resources:ResourceFile,Title%>" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>

Additionally, you can set the placeholder attribute in a code-behind using C# as below

txt_name.Attributes["placeholder"] =  YourResource_fileName.ResourceManager.GetString("Resource Key");
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it's worked for me, thanks!
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