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I made everything that you answered in my last question DAX OPERATIONS BASED ON SLICERS POWER BI and your advice works perfectly:

Now, I want to do another operation with these results.

My second table "RELLENOS" has another column called "qrellmes" 


qrellmes Nombre del mes
004315 60 Enero
004315 6 Diciembre
004315 4 Noviembre
004307 10 Enero
004307 8 Diciembre

There are more values in cequip and each one has a different value of "qrell" in different months.

What I want to do is a graphic with "qrell x cequip" and this next operation:


It shows me this graphic:

Power BI is dividing qrell / total (66 / 356344) not for each cequip. How I can solve that if the result should be 66/371 = 0.177, for example.

Thanks a lot for your previous answer.

closed with the note: I made a mistake creating a relation between my two tables. On the other hand, the previous advice made me realize how  the relations work. Thanks a lot sir!.
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