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WordPress and Drupal are two popular content management systems that are widely used for developing a myriad of websites. Moreover, selecting one between WordPress and Drupal CMS can be difficult because both of them offer excellent features and benefits. How would you make the right choice then? Worry not! In this blog, we will compare Drupal and WordPress to find out the perfect choice for you. And this comparison will help you decide whether to choose a WordPress development service or go with Drupal for your dream website. So, let’s get started without further ado!

Drupal vs WordPress: An Overview

Drupal is an open-source web content management system that allows organizing, managing, and publishing content efficiently. It is a robust CMS with multichannel publishing and sophisticated APIs. It is loaded with features like performance & scaling, security, multi-lingual support, accessibility, personalization, and more.

WordPress is a very popular open-source CMS with loads of benefits. It offers most features that are provided by the Drupal CMS plus some of its own. Moreover, it is suitable for creating various websites, from blogs to full-fledged eCommerce stores.

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Drupal vs WordPress: A Quick Comparison

The following is a quick comparison of these two CMSs on various basis:

Drupal vs WordPress: Usability

Drupal requires more technical know-how than WordPress for using it to build and manage websites. However, it is pretty perfect for creating advanced websites, and its complex structure makes it possible. Further, WordPress comes with a sorted and straightforward interface that allows you to manage a website, customize it, modify content, and do anything else with a breeze. Moreover, you can hire Drupal developer to create a more advanced website.

Drupal vs WordPress: Themes & Plugins

Customization helps a business to create attractive websites. There is a lot of scope for customization with WordPress because it offers a vast range of themes and plugins. Indeed, there are tons of website themes, and many of those are free. On the other hand, Drupal lacks theme options, and extensions are also limited. So, you can add a few functionalities to your site. Moreover, both are open-source techs, so you can use these platforms to build top-notch websites. You can develop a highly customized website with WordPress web development. 

Drupal vs WordPress: Website Security

WordPress is a common target for hackers because of its large user base. There are a lot more websites using the WordPress CMS than many other popular CMSs combined. While the core of WordPress is well-secured, vulnerabilities may arise due to improper security practices. Drupal websites are less likely to be hacked compared to WordPress both because of a lower user base and a securer architecture. In this aspect, you may prefer Drupal web development, but security can be boosted with better features and good website practices. 

Drupal vs WordPress: Cost

While both these CMSs are free and available without any license fees, WordPress could be more budget-friendly. As a popular CMS, WordPress developers are available in abundance. Hence, you can seamlessly hire WordPress developer to build the desired website for your business. On the other hand, there is not a significant number of Drupal developers. So, finding an experienced and quality Drupal developer could be difficult, and that too with extra costs. 

In a nutshell, WordPress is more suitable for low-cost website development projects compared to Drupal. Still, advanced websites require hefty budgets, and Drupal can be the choice for such a website because creating one with WordPress could be more expensive. 

Now you might have a clear vision about which one is suitable for you between WordPress and Drupal. Moreover, the answer to how to choose between Drupal vs WordPress depends on multiple factors like requirements, features, and development cycle. 

Final note

Drupal and WordPress are among the top web development platforms with many use cases. WordPress is a simple platform with excellent features and incredible customizability. Further, Drupal is ideal for developing complex and advanced websites. Moreover, there is a large number of themes and plugins that are available for WordPress websites. But there are limitations on the themes and plugins available for Drupal users. Choosing the suitable CMS depends on your project's needs and which one fits your business requirements. 

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