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In the previous post, we have discussed String in C#. In this post, we will introduce a brief summary of string concatenation in C#.

C# represents "string" as a collection of characters surrounded by double quotes " ".


What is concatenation?

Concatenation is appending one string to the end of another string by using these methods

  • The + operator.
  • String Interpolation.
  • String.Concate().
  • String.Join().
  • String.Format().
  • StringBuilder.Append().

The + operator

  • Concatenate one or more string.
  • No run-time concatenation occurs.
  • Concatenation occurs at compile time.


string userName ="Hamza";
string greetings= "Hello " + userName +" today.";
Console.WriteLine(greetings); // the output will be hello Hamza today. 

String Interpolation

  • Concatenate variables as a part of a string.
  • String interpolation starts with a ‘$’ symbol and code variables are within a bracket {}. 
  • String interpolation provides a more readable and convenient syntax to create formatted strings.


string userName ="Hamza";
Console.WriteLine($"Hello {userName } today."); // the output will be Hello Hamza today.


  • String.Concat() is used to concatenate one or more instance of string, these instances can also be objects and arrays.
  • It concatenates the string close to each other without a separator between each value, you should specify it.


string firstName="Hamza ";
string lastName="Mohammed";
string name = string.Concat(firstName, lastName);
Console.WriteLine(name);// the output will be Hamza Mohammed

You can also use String.Concat() to concatenate array values as shown below:


string[] colors= { "red","yellow","black"};
string arrayStr = string.Concat(colors);  
Console.WriteLine(arrayStr); // the output will be redyellowblack  


  • String.Join() is a wonderful option to join strings from a collection using a separator.
  • You can use it instead of String.Concat() method if you need to show elements separated by a delimiter.


string[] colors= { "red","yellow","black"};
string arrayStr = string.Join(" ",colors); 
Console.WriteLine(arrayStr); // the output will be red yellow black  


  • String.Format() Converts the value of objects to strings based on the formats specified and inserts them into another string.
  • Used to format strings into specific formats.
  • We can insert one or more objects and expressions in a string at a specified position using the String.Format() method.
  • the index in the format starts from 0.
  • It has 8 overloaded formats.


In this example, you can insert one or multiple objects in a string as shown below.

string firstName="Hamza";
string lastName="Mohammed";
string sformated = String.Format("Hello {0}, your last name is {1}.", firstName,lastName);
Console.WriteLine(sformated );// the output will be Hello Hamza your last name is Mohammed.


  • Appends the string representation of a specified object to this instance.
  • used to modify strings without creating new string objects. 
  • It is recommended in many string concatenations.
  • StringBuilder class is defined in the System.Text namespace.


System.Text.StringBuilder builder = new System.Text.StringBuilder("Hello Reader");    
builder.Append(", ");    
builder.Append("this is our article about string concatenation");    
Console.WriteLine(builder);// the output will be Hello Reader, this is our article about string concatenation


In this post, we have learned the string concatenation methods in c#.

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