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We have multiple Sharepoint site collections and sites on a SharePoint 2013 farm.

Recently we have noticed a couple of issues with the workflows on the farm.

 The workflows are very slow to process. Sometimes it takes 20 to 30 minutes to process a workflow step.

 The workflows that send an email ofter send multiple copies of the same email, sometimes up to 100 or more times.

 The workflows were working with no issues until recently (probably 3 weeks ago)

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SharePoint workflow is slow

Actually, It's a broad question that requires knowing more factors in your farm to can investigate the SharePoint Workflow Slowness closely!
Therefore, please answer the below questions to can help you faster

  • What's the size of your SharePoint Farm?
  • Have you recently install any windows update?
  • Did you install SharePoint Workflow as a Part of SharePoint Farm?
  • How Many Site Collections on your farm? Check Get All Site Collections and SubSites Per Farm to get this info.
  • How Many Content Databases on your farm? Check Get All Content Databases Per Farm to get this info.
  • What's the size of the content database? Run the PowerShell Script: SharePoint Farm Scan Report to get this info
  • Did you apply any security policies? Check with your system admin.
  • Have you excluded the SharePoint folder directory from the Antivirus? Check Antivirus configuration for SharePoint
  • What's the current SharePoint Build number and the latest CU you have installed? check Find Farm Patch Level / latest Cumulative Update that has been installed on SharePoint Farm
  • Are there any changes in the SharePoint farm hardware Specification?
  • Have you monitored your network between the SharePoint server cross the farm
  • Have you changed your workflow logic?
  • How many workflows you currently have?
  • How many workflow instances are running at the same time?
  • Have you checked the size of your SharePoint Server harddisk? Is there sufficient free space for writing the logs?
  • Have you checked the SharePoint Logs and event viewer?
  • Are you running other applications in the sharepoint server?
  • Do SQL server instance host external database applications?

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