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I am trying to add images to the GitHub README page, but I can't!

There is no option to add images in GitHub as below

add images in github

Is there any text editor to add images in GitHub easily?

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Add images in GitHub

Unfortunately, there is no text editor or an option to upload images to GitHub pages.

Add images in GitHub Workaround

Fortunately, there is a workaround to add images to GitHub pages

  1. Click on Issues.
  2. Click on add "New Issues".
  3. On New Issue Text Editor, drag and drop your images.
  4. Wait a moment, until the image uploaded.
  5. Copy the image code, and paste it in your ReadME GitHub Page.
  6. Click on "Preview Changes", to review the page with the new image.
  7. Commit your changes.

    add image to github page

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Very helpful, thank you
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