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Here, we're gonna list most of the important Microsoft Products announcements in Feb 2020 categorized by Product type.

Microsoft Products announcements in Feb 2020

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SQL Server Announcements

SQL Server

General Updates

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2014

SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2017

SQL Server 2019

Azure Announcements

Microsoft Azure

Office 365 Announcements

Office 365

General Updates

Microsoft 365








SharePoint Announcements


SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019 February 2020 CU Build Number:

  • Language independent fix: 16.0.10355.20000
  • Language dependent fix: 16.0.10355.20000

SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 February 2020 CU Build Numbers:

  • Language independent fix: 16.0.4966.1000
  • Language dependent fix: 16.0.4966.1000

SharePoint 2013

Other SharePoint Updates

Teams Announcements

Microsoft Teams

On Friday, February 28, Microsoft announced the latest updates to Microsoft Teams, check What’s New in Microsoft Teams | February 2020

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PowerBI Announcements

Microsoft Power BI

On Feb 18, 2020, Microsoft announced the new Power BI Desktop Summary features.

Dataset management

  • An incremental refresh is now generally available.


  • Hierarchical slicer (preview)
  • Updates to the new ribbon (preview)

    • Title bar updates
    • Key tips
    • Accessibility


  • New DAX Functions

    • FirstNonBlankValue
    • LastNonBlankValue


  • Funnel and pyramid chart by xViz
  • OEE Dashboard by 3AG Systems
  • Organization chart by MAQ Software
  • PI VIZpack by PQ Systems

    • Histogram
    • Individuals control chart
    • Individuals and moving range control chart
    • Multi-group individuals chart
    • X-bar control chart
    • X-bar and range control chart
    • P-chart
    • U-chart
  • Updates to Zebra BI tables and charts

Template Apps

  • Microsoft 365 usage analytics
  • NFL analytics by P3
  • Acterys for Quickbooks, Xero & WorkflowMax

Data preparation

  • Non-admin support for query diagnostics

Data connectivity

  • MicroStrategy connector is now generally available
  • FHIR connector is now generally available
  • Factset connector
  • TIBCO connector
  • Jamf Pro connector
  • Asana connector

All details mentioned at Power BI Report Server Feb 2020 Feature Summary

Download Power BI Report Server January 2020 update

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Other Microsoft Products Updates


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