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Is it possible to change ownership of a table in dataverse after it is created? I need to change the user-owned table to an organization table in dataverse but actually, I can't find any option to change the ownership after the custom table is created!?

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How can I change table ownership in Dataverse PowerApps?

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Is it possible to change the ownership for a custom table in a Dataverse?

When you create a custom table, the options for ownership are User or team-owned, or Organization-owned. After a table is created, you CAN'T change the ownership for this custom table

  • User or team owned: Actions that can be performed on these rows can be controlled at the user level.
  • Organization-owned: Access to the data is controlled at the organization level.

As a workaround solution for changing the ownership for a table in dataverse , you have to do the following:

  1. Export the Table data.
  2. Create a new table with your new ownership
  3. Import the exported data to the newly created table.

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