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I am new to SharePoint Administration and have been confused about Farm Account Vs Farm Administrator! Can anyone help me know the main differences between Farm Account Vs Farm Administrator in SharePoint 2019?

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1) SharePoint Farm Account

The SharePoint farm account is a domain user account, also referred to as a database access account.

The farm account should only be used to run the below services and pools:

  1. SharePoint Timer service.
  2. IIS Application Pools for Central Administration.
  3. SharePoint Web Services System used for the topology service.
  4. Security Token Service Application Pool.

Note: The farm account is the windows account that is used to connect to the configuration database during configuring the configuration database settings in the SharePoint configuration wizard.

2) SharePoint Farm Administrator

The SharePoint Farm Administrator is a domain account that is a member of the Farm Administrators Group.

  1. You should add an account to the Farm Administrators Group when you want to allow this account to manage the farm with a lower privilege than the Farm Account.
  2. Members of the Farm Administrators Group don’t have the same privilege as the Farm Account.
  3. Members of the Farm Administrators Group have full access to all settings on the farm. however, they can’t perform all operations which require access to the SharePoint Server’s Infrastructure like Farm Account.

Note: By default, the Members of the Local Administrator Group are added to the Farm Administrators Group (BUILTIN\Administrators).

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It's very clear, thanks!
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