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I'm a little confused about the recording in Microsoft Teams, and I'm not sure where the recorded meetings are saved in Microsoft Teams. I occasionally see recording files on OneDrive, SharePoint and before it was saved in Microsoft Stream. Still, I don't know why it saved in different places and where I can find recordings in Microsoft Teams.

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Where is Microsoft Teams Recording Saved?

First of all, you need to be aware that Teams meeting recordings are no longer saved to Microsoft Stream as of August 2021. Now, all Microsoft Teams recordings are stored on SharePoint and OneDrive.

Now before understanding Where does Microsoft Teams save recording files? Let's first move on to some crucial points. Where can you record in Microsoft Teams?

Actually, you have two ways to record video in Microsoft Teams, through

  1. Channel Meeting.
  2. Any other type of meeting "Meet Now" (Non-Channel Meeting).

1) Where is Cannel Meeting Recording in Microsoft Teams?

  • In Microsoft Teams, if you have recorded a video in your channel meeting, you will be able to find the recording files in the Files tab in your channel and these files are saved in Shared Document specifically in a Recording folder on the SharePoint Team site.
    where recording saved in Microsoft teams

  • Once the meeting is finished, the channel meeting recording shows up in the channel conversation as shown below:
    where Microsoft teams recording saved

2) Where is Team Meeting Recording in Microsoft Teams?

  • In Microsoft Teams, No-Channel meeting (Like Meet Now) recording files will be saved in OneDrive in the Recording folder of the person starting the meeting.
    check recording files in OneDrive for Microsoft Teams

  • Once the meeting is finished, the meeting recording shows up in the meeting conversation as shown below:
    Location of recording files in Microsoft Teams

Note: If a Teams meeting recording fails to successfully upload to SharePoint or OneDrive, the recording will instead be temporarily saved to Azure Media Services (AMS). Once stored in AMS, no retry attempts are made to automatically upload the recording to SharePoint or OneDrive. Meeting recordings stored in AMS are available for 21 days before being automatically deleted. Users can download the video from AMS if they need to keep a copy.

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Thanks Mohamed for this clear explanation
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