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I'm a little confused about my files in Microsoft Teams, some of which had been saved in SharePoint and some in OneDrive. Can you clarify when exactly files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive, as well as whether there are any other storage types Microsoft Teams uses for its files?

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Where are files saved in Microsoft Teams?

Files in Microsoft Teams are stored in SharePoint and OneDrive as the following

Files saved in SharePoint in Microsoft Teams

Generally, Each team in Microsoft Teams has a SharePoint team site associated, and all Channel files are stored on a SharePoint Team site.

  • Files that you upload to a channel are kept in the SharePoint folder for your team, and you can find these files in the Files tab at the top of each channel.
  • Each standard channel, including the General channel gets a folder within the default SharePoint team site document library.
  • Each private channel has a folder in a Shared Document library of its own SharePoint team site that's separate from the parent team site.
  • Each shared channel has its own SharePoint site for file storage.
  • Files shared in Teams channels (For example, post files or pictures to the channel conversation.) are stored in the channel folder of the SharePoint document library.
  • Files sent to a channel (For example, send emails with file attachments to the channel's email address.) are stored in the subfolder Email Messages of the channel folder in the SharePoint document library.
  • Channel meeting recordings files are stored in a folder named Recordings in the channel folder that's in the document library for that team. Read more at Where recording saved in Microsoft Teams?

Files saved in OneDrive in Microsoft Teams

  • Any files you add to a private or group chat are kept in your OneDrive for Business folder named Microsoft Teams Chat Files and only those involved in the conversation can access them.
  • The recordings for non-channel meetings are stored in a folder named Recordings in the OneDrivefor the person who started the meeting recording.

The key data entities and locations where at-rest data is kept are depicted in the diagram below.

Microsoft Teams Files Locations

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Thanks Mohamed for this clear explanation
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