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In Sharepoint 2019, I created a contact page with a phone number and email address. I edited the source page and added the following html tags since I wanted the email and phone number to be clickable:

<a href="mailto:contact@gmail.com">contact@gmail.com</a>
<a href="tel:123456789">123456789</a>


  • mailto is working and open default mail application.
  • However, tel is not working and cannot be clicked.

This HTML code works as tested on an HTML page.

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How to use Tel HTML tag in SharePoint Page?

For security reasons, the Tel HTML tag is removed by default when you add it to the SharePoint Page content field and save it.
To avoid that behavior, and can use the Tel tag in SharePoint Page, you have to add it in Script Editor Web Part instead of the Page content field as the following:

  1. Change the Page layout to another one that holds a web part zone.
  2. Click on Web Part Zone to add a new web part.
  3. Click on Media and Content > Add Script Editor Web Part.
    Tel HTML tag in SharePoint Page now working
  4. Now paste your Tel HTML tag, and save and publish your page.

     <a href="tel:123456789">123456789</a>
  5. Great, you will note that the Tel HTML tag is working on SharePoint Page now.

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