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I have created a new SharePoint 2019 farm with a single server. I created a new web application and site collection and finally created a SharePoint list, but in the above ribbon I can't find the Alerts button, Is Alrets deprecated in SharePoint 2019? If No, Why Alrets is not available in SharePoint 2019 list?

missing alerts in SharePoint 2019

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Do Alerts feature has been deprecated in SharePoint 2019?

As a short answer, NO, the Alerts is not deprecated or removed and still available in SharePoint 2019

Deprecated Features in SharePoint 2019

  1. Access Services 2010
  2. Access Services 2013
  3. Aggregated Newsfeed
  4. Custom Help
  5. Groove.exe
  6. InfoPath Services
  7. Lists Web Service
  8. Machine Translations

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Solving: Missing Alerts in SharePoint 2019 List

In your SharePoint 2019 list, if you can't find the Alert me button in the above ribbon that means

  • The Alerts option is disabled on the web application.
    Alerts option is disabled on the web application
  • Outgoing E-Mail settings are not configured.
    Outgoing E-Mail settings are not configured

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My issue was related to configuring outgoing email, thanks for your help
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