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Welcome to our Microsoft Ignite 2022 Community-led After Parties that are built for the community by the community and aim to have deep-dive conversations into your specialized topic areas, inspire the community and encourage learning beyond Microsoft Ignite.

But let me first explain what Microsoft Ignite is before we begin our Microsoft Ignite 2022 After-Party discussion.

What's Microsoft Ignite?

Microsoft Ignite is an annual conference hosted by Microsoft for developers and IT professionals. 

  • The first conference happened in 1993 in Orlando, and it was known as TechEd, and in 2015, it became Microsoft Ignite.
  • In Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announces plenty of significant and important updates for its products.
  • Microsoft Ignite took place Oct 12–14, 2022 (854+ sessions & 1034+ Speakers)

In the Microsoft Ignite Event, you will 

  • Get headlines and announcements delivered by executives.
  • Get guidance specific to your project or interests from experts in cloud, desktop, mobile, and web development.
  • Learn best practices, and discover helpful resources with other attendees. 
  • Get an opportunity to engage with attendees to find developers and experts with similar interests within your region.  
  • Connect with Microsoft Partners.
  • Attend discussions between product teams and customers.
  • Get a unique opportunity to connect with a Microsoft professional to discuss specific questions and solutions.
  • Learn the tools and technologies that help you create solutions you can build today.
  • Explore new developer technologies and techniques that will drive your vision and expand your toolkit.
  • Complete preset collections of online learning modules for a chance to win prizes.

Microsoft Ignite 2022 Pre-Party | Saudi Arabia

Before Microsoft Ignite 2022, we held a session in Arabic to inform the Arab community about Microsoft Ignite, provide them with all the information they require, and explain the registration procedure as well as the advantages of attending this fantastic conference.

The session was presented by me Mohamed El-Qassas (Microsoft MVP) and my colleague Heba Kamal (Microsoft MVP).

You can watch the recorded session at 

Microsoft Ignite 2022 After Party | Saudi Arabia

As MVPs, we registered to host the Microsoft Ignite 2022 After Party to have deep-dive conversations into your specialized topic areas, inspire your community and encourage learning beyond Microsoft Ignite.

And you can register for the event at Microsoft Ignite 2022 After Party - بالعربي

Microsoft Ignite 2022 After Party | KSA | November 12th 2022

In Our After Party session, we discussed the Accelerate innovation with the world's most complete cloud developer platform session that was introduced by 

Accelerate innovation with the world's most complete cloud developer platform

The main goal of this session is to learn how every developer can achieve more with less using their favorite low and pro code tools. Modernize and scale application development with cloud-native architectures and fully managed databases. See how fusion teams rapidly build, deploy, and manage secure apps at scale.

In our Ignite 2022 After Party session, I and heba have provided an overview of Microsoft Ignite, then watch the Accelerate innovation with the world's most complete cloud developer platform session, and explored the following:

Microsoft Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud is a trusted, comprehensive platform that enables developers to build incredible solutions.

  • The Microsoft Cloud also offers SaaS-based solutions that provide productivity services, business applications, low-code tooling, and advanced security and identity management.
  • With this toolbox filled with Visual Studio, Azure, GitHub, and Power Platform, we can build reliable, scalable, and high-performance, cloud-native applications.

We also show how Microsoft Cloud turns everyone into a developer.

cloud developer platform

Also, we learn more about the EY global company story about how one of our biggest customers brought developers, IT teams, and business stakeholders together to create solutions built on the Microsoft Cloud. 

Besides that, we talked about the capability of DevBox can have the full power of Visual Studio in minutes.

Also, we talked about the GitHub Copilot as an AI-paired programmer that helps write code faster.

Being one of the comprehensive No Low code platforms offered by Microsoft, we have also examined the key elements of the Power Platform and described its capabilities.

At the end of the session, we received some questions from our attendance about 

  • What is the No-Low Code?
  • Is No-Low Code the future?
  • How can Microsoft Cloud help the organization in accelerating Digital Transformation?

We answered all the above questions and decided to introduce a detailed session related to the same topic in Arabic in our next Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2023 organized by me Mohamed El-Qassas (Microsoft MVP).

[Update: 01-03-2023] You can also watch the speakers directory at

Session Survey

For all attendees, please fill out this attendee survey after attending our After Party Session, and please don't hesitate to leave a comment below this post if you still need any kind of clarification about the presented Ignite session.

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