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In Power BI, how can I hide column headers in a table or matrix visual? Are there any specific settings or customizations that need to be applied?

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Hide column header in a table in Power BI

Unfortunately, there are NO options to remove or hide a column header for a table or a matrix in Power BI right now.
However, As a workaround, you can adjust the below table visualization settings to hide the column header by doing the following:


  1. Click on your Table.
  2. In Vizualization Pane > Got To Formmating section.
  3. Exand the "Grid" section > "Border".
  4. Change the outline color to be the same color as your background.
    Hide Column header in a table in Power BI
  5. Again, go to "Column Header"
  6. Change the background and text color to be the same as your background.
    Remove Column header in a table in Power BI
  7. Great, the table looks like it doesn't have a header, but the header actually still exists but it's currently transparent!!
    unshow Column header in a table in Power BI

Check other workarounds at Remove the table column header in Power BI

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