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In this post, we will discuss the topic of Directive in the latest version of Angular 17.

What's Directive in Angular?

It's a special instruction in the DOM that tells the Angular framework to do something with a DOM element .

What are the types of directive in angular?

In Angular, there are three types of directives : Component , Structure , Attribute 

1) Component : Directive with a templete . 

  selector: 'app-home',
  template:"<h1>Welcome to Home page</h1>" ,
  standalone: true,
  imports: [],
  templateUrl: './home.component.html',
  styleUrl: './home.component.scss'

2) Structure : Change layout of the elements by adding or removing elements

  • They often use the asterisk (*) syntax like : *ngFor - *ngIf in previous version of angular
@for (item of productList; track $index)
        <tr >
                <img src="{{item?.imageURL}}" style="width:15%;height: 15%;">
        }@empty {
            <a>No item exist</a>

3) Attribute : Modify the appearance or behavior of an element

  • They often use the ngClass - ngStyle
<div *ngIf="checkTrue">Display only when checkTrue is true from component</div>

How to create custom directive ?

1) Create directive by command : ng g directive Lightbox

2) Create a constructor that accepts a private variable from ElementRef

constructor(private elementRef : ElementRef) 

3) Create two Method decorator one for onMouseOver and another for onMouseOut

  // Method decorator
  @HostListener('mouseover') onMouseOver()
    this.elementRef.nativeElement.style.border = `1px solid ${this.highlightColor}`;

  @HostListener('mouseout') onMouseOut()
    this.elementRef.nativeElement.style.border = '1px solid yellow';

4) Declare a local variable that accepts the value of the @Input() property decorator

@Input() highlightColor: string = "blue";

5) Call directive to any element in html

<div appLightbox highlightColor="black">
    <h1 style="display: table-cell;">Welcome to Angular v.17</h1>

6) Result :


We have effectively explored various types for directives in Angular v17 through practical examples.

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