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I am currently using the new Teams interface, and I am unable to locate the "Notify when available" feature. However, when I switch back to the classic Teams interface, I can find it.

missing notify when available in teams

Has this feature been removed from the new Teams interface, or is it possible that my team admin has configured settings that disallow the use of this feature in the new Teams interface?

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Is it possible to enable "Notify when available" feature in NEW Teams?

In brief, currently, the answer is NO, and the absence of the "Notify when Available" feature is not due to any settings configured by the admin.

The New Teams interface is designed to prioritize speed, performance, and flexibility, aiming to help you save time and collaborate more efficiently. However, certain options, such as "Notify when Available," are not yet available in the new Teams interface.

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If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO!