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I recently renamed a list in SharePoint that is being used by a Power Automate flow. However, I'm concerned that this change might cause issues. Could you provide some insights into the potential problems when renaming lists and how it affects Power Automate flows? Has anyone else encountered similar challenges?

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Is Renaming SharePoint Lists breaking Power Automate Flows?

Yes, When you rename a list in SharePoint that is being used by a Power Automate flow, it can indeed lead to issues. In case, you references the old list name in your flow, so If you rename a list, the flow may still reference the old list name. This can cause unexpected behavior or errors such as

"status": 404, "message": "List not found"

To avoid such issues, it’s best to use internal identifiers (like ListID) in your flow expressions rather than hardcoding the list name. This ensures that the flow remains robust even if the list name changes.

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