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I have created a new subsite, and when I try to publish a new page, it asks for workflow approval, and I wants to disable it. How do I remove workflow approval for publishing pages on SharePoint subsite?

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Solving: How do I remove Approval Workflow for publishing pages on SharePoint Site

To disable, re-enable, or remove workflows. Follow these steps:

  1. On the subsite where you want to disable workflow approval, go to Site Content.
  2. Go to Pages library settings
  3. In the Settings group, click Workflow Settings.
  4. On the Workflow Settings page, click the Remove, Block, or Restore a workflow link.
  5. Use the Remove Workflows page form to disable, re-enable, or remove workflows
    • The form contains five columns:
      • Workflow: name of the workflow.
      • Instances: number of workflow instances that are currently running on items.
      • Allow: option allows the workflow to proceed normally.
      • No new instances: option allows any currently running instances of the process to complete, but disables the workflow by making it inaccessible to new instances.
      • Remove: option removes the workflow from the list or library. All running instances are terminated instantly, and the workflow's column is no longer visible on the list or library page.

        To learn more see: All about Approval workflows.

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