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C# is a powerful and widely used programming language that you can use to make websites, games, mobile apps, desktop apps and more with .NET. Learn C#, get started, and it'll give you the world.

Learn C# for Beginners by Microsoft Experts

Learn the basics of C# from building a simple Hello World application to knowing about Object-Oriented Programming with Microsoft experts!

  • Course Level: Beginner.
  • The Number of videos: 19 videos.
  • Author: Scott Hanselman and Kendra Havens.
  • Published Date: 23/09/2019.

In this series, you will learn

  • What's C#?
  • Create the first Hello World Program.
  • The basics of strings
  • Searching Strings.
  • Number and Integers Math.
  • Number and Decimals.
  • If Condition.
  • Loops.
  • Arrays.
  • List.
  • Collection.
  • Sort, Seach, Index Lists.
  • Other C# data types.
  • Debugging
  • Objects and Classes.
  • Methods and Members.
  • Catching Exceptions.

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