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I have a single server farm SQL Server 2014 and SharePoint 2016

During the installation of the SQL Server, I installed features reporting service sharepoint and reporting service add-in sharepoint.

But In Central administration, the application service SQL report service not found.

Any help ?? Thanks in advance.

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SQL Server 2014 Reporting Service for SharePoint 2016

First of all, you should be aware the SharePoint 2016 doesn't support the Reporting Services report server of SQL Server 2014, SharePoint 2016 only requires and supports the Reporting Services report server and the Reporting Services add-in version of SQL Server 2016 or later.

Supported SSRS for SharePoint 2016

For more details, check Supported combinations of SharePoint and Reporting Services server

Install and Configure SSRS for SharePoint 2016

So, in your case, if you would like to use SharePoint 2016 Reporting Service, you will need to upgrade the SQL Server 2014 to SQL Server 2016 then follow the detail steps at SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application doesn't exist in SharePoint Central Administration to install and configure SSRS for SharePoint 2016.

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